Artist's Corner

This blog page is dedicated to various artists that I know, along with links to their shop or website.  I am in no way associated with any of these artists from a monetary standpoint, I simply like their work.

Craig Arnold


"I offer select custom, traditional, and original designs of heirloom furniture, wall cabinets and galleries, and boxes.

Woodworkers who inspire my work are Paul Sellers, Peter Lloyd, Nancy Hiller, and Doug Stowe, to name a few.

As a member of the Kansas City Woodworkers' Guild, I'm privileged to work in a great shop with some very talented people and enjoy sharing with those who are new to the craft.
When you buy something from me, 10 percent of the purchase price is donated to the Kansas City Woodworkers' Guild as a way for the Guild to continue to provide education and community service in woodworking.

Thanks for stopping by and drop me a line if you'd like to discuss something you see here.

Best regards,
Craig Arnold"


Karen Milliken

I met Karen by virtue of the fact that she ordered a custom hairstick a while back.  Upon "clicking" on her ETSY shop, I discovered talent which had yet to be discovered.  I find her work to be outstanding, through her brush strokes, she draws the viewer into the landscape as if they were there.

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