Custom Order Guidelines and List

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your support over the years, we truly appreciate it.

We are accepting custom orders at this time.  The information outlined below represents our custom order guidelines.

My preference would be that you choose designs that have already been created, as I've banned "create it from scratch" orders in the past due to their time requirements and complexity.  That said however I also recognize that many of you have design ideas of your own, and I'm happy to work with you to bring them to life.  "Create it from scratch" customs are inherently more difficult than off the shelf designs, and will be priced accordingly.  We can discuss pricing once I understand the scope of the work, with the price mutually agreed upon prior to starting.

If you are in need of artwork in order to create your "create it from scratch" design, please use Shutterstock, as this is where I purchase many of my designs from.  For security reasons, I'm not going to download artwork from a site that I know nothing about.  Say for example you need a butterfly.  In the search bar, your keywords would be butterfly, black, vector.  I live in a black and white world as it relates to the laser, it doesn't do colors, artwork must be black and white.  For any artwork that we purchase on your behalf, the cost of said artwork will be added to the price of the stick.  This particular search (butterfly black vector) returned 430 pages of butterfly designs, so, you should have no trouble finding an image that you like.

When requesting a custom order, initially please just tell me through an ETSY conversation that you would like to be on the custom list.  When your name is approaching the top of the list I'll send you a note and we can begin hammering out the details.  It's not unusual for me to have 2 or 3 sticks that I'm working on that are in various stages of progress.  If you see a custom order posted as reserved for an individual that may be behind you on the list, just know that yours is close, it was just at a different stage of being finished.  Please feel free to ask how much the stick is going to cost up front.  I openly admit that I'm terrible about giving the price up front.  I always forget, because at that point my mind is much more focused on the specifics of your stick, not the price, so again, feel free to ask.

I'm happy to do multiple orders, but bear in mind that we only ship 2 sticks per box.  So, from a shipping standpoint and maximizing your shipping dollar, it makes the most sense to request customs in multiples of 2. 

Finally, if you should have any general types of questions regarding wood availability, paua colors, etc., feel free to send me a note through ETSY.

Custom List

 Sagon069 (holly hold - fork)

Elisabeth Bertl (awaiting response - 2 notes sent)
Katie (awaiting response - 2 notes sent)

Fragrant Blossom
Growling Cupcake
Mandy Hall
Nadine Mueller

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