Friday, January 15, 2016

FNS Change of Plans

Good Morning,

It seems kind of lame to have a FNS with only 3 sticks in inventory.   When we announced the sale I think we had 9 sticks in inventory, plus I had 3 more days to go leading up to the sale.  At that time virtually all of the custom orders were on hold for one reason or another, so I had anticipated adding another half dozen or so to inventory for the sale, thus making it worthwhile for everyone.

Shortly after the FNS announcement, the customs began coming off of hold, so that's pretty much what I've been working on for the past few days.  That said, a deal is a deal, so we're not going to officially have the FNS, but we will mark the remaining inventory down to FNS pricing at 1:00.

Sorry if this messes anyone up, I didn't anticipate that much inventory selling leading up to the sale, but that's a good thing (at least for us).

Have a great weekend!


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