Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Is it Good news or Bad news... Who knows, at this point it's just news.

Good Afternoon,

I guess it all just depends upon your perspective.... I didn't get the job.

Honestly, I've been on the fence all along as to whether I actually wanted to get back into the 9-5 routine to begin with.  You all know that I truly love what I do, especially the freedom that comes from being self employed.  While I wasn't real psyched about the daily commute, I did however like the bank, the position, and the guy I interviewed with, he was a good guy and was completely "wide open".  So, this can mean only one thing for now...

You all are stuck with me. 

I really do appreciate the custom orders that we've been receiving, you all have been fun to work with.  As a thank you, we're going to keep offering the 10% discount until further notice, as I've come to appreciate that it's a good deal for both of us.  You get exactly what you want, and we've got a guaranteed sale... it's a win/win scenario as far as I'm concerned.

... again, while it is just news, I kind of think that it was good news.

Have a great afternoon!



  1. Well, I'm glad it was good news. Sometimes you just have to see where life takes you :)

  2. Well, that is indeed either bad or good news. Sorry you didn't get the job, but I hope that as more people discover your work that you enjoy doing so much it'll balance it out at least somewhat :)

  3. What Niki said. And I think both sympathy and congratulations go well with adult beverages, so...bottoms up?

  4. So sorry about your job, but we'll 'stick' with you :D