Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Friday Night Sale

Good Morning,

I hope everyone is doing well this Fall morning.

Well, we made it back from Virginia after attending my son Scott's wedding.  I had forgotten just how pretty northern Virginia is, but the traffic is horrible.  Only compounded by my ineptitude as it relates to Google Maps.  We spent the better part of our travel time being hopelessly lost in a foreign land.  I finally had to ask a waitress to un-cluster my phone, so we could eventually crawl back to the airport.

We stayed at a 600 acre breathtakingly beautiful complex called Airlie.  Given the discounted fares that we took advantage of, we were the first to arrive, and the last to leave.  The last day we basically went 4 wheeling over the entire property and have some memorable photos.  The wildlife was incredible,  and they say that it's home to the largest swan and bald eagle reserves in North America. 

I had to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner, that I lost more than my fair share of sleep over.  In the speech, I gave out 3 wine bottle stoppers and 1 hair stick.  Unfortunately, we somehow managed to delete the pictures.  The stoppers were engraved with the various family names with different designs and pertinent details.  On Scott and Alyssa's, I had the entire wedding party engraved and inlaid, they turned out pretty cool I think.  I gave Alyssa the stick and it was red and white paua and it told the story of their journey together up to the wedding with memorable milestones and the names of her bridal party.  The top inset had her new married monogram, it was a good one.

The wedding was great, but it was an outdoor wedding beneath a tent and the remnants of the hurricane were still alive and well.  40-50 mile per hour winds, and about 60 degrees, we were very cold.  But they did it, they are now Mr. and Mrs. Royer.

We finally made it home, lost luggage of course, but it was a great week, but we were glad to get home.

So, the next order of business is the FNS:

The next Friday Night Sale will be held on October 21, beginning at 1:00 PM CST (US), 8:00 PM (CEST). We will de-activate all inventory Friday morning for price adjustment with an overall discount of approximately 20% - 25%. Everything will be re-activated at exactly 1:00. (Please check your own individual time zone to make sure the start time aligns with 1:00 PM Central Standard Time in the United States.)

My boys, Scott on the Left and Sean on the right

The Wedding Couple

Erin, classing the place up a little

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  1. Sounds awesome Doug, glad that all went well for you guys! Well, mostly that is. Lost luggage and traffic aren't great.