Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

Good Afternoon,

What a fantastic day in Kansas City, we're talking southern California nice.  70 degrees, zero humidity and not a cloud in the sky, it seems like we get maybe 4 or 5 of these kind of days per year.  Well, that meant only one thing, a Harley ride to Lawrence (home of the KU Jayhawks), for lunch with plenty of back road sights and smells.  135 miles of pure bliss, and Ivy had her picture taken on the back of the Harley no less than 100 times... she just makes people smile with her hair whipping in the wind.

So, we get back home only to discover the same 4 sticks in inventory that we had when I woke up this morning... that's just wrong on so many levels and it needs to be resolved.  As most of you know, I don't like looking at inventory.

I had to actually do a little ETSY studying, something I really don't like doing... the studying part that is.  I learned how to create a "Coupon Code", and I named it "TTGET15".

I'm announcing it only on the blog, no where else... why you ask, because I can.  As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to the effort of looking at this, you might as well be the beneficiaries.  If there's a stick currently in inventory that you like, enter the coupon code at checkout and you'll automatically receive a 15% discount (at least that's what it's suppose to do, and if it doesn't we'll fix it so you get the discount).

It's 5:15 PM my time, and I suspect I'll be ready for bed around 8:30... pretty exciting guy huh?  When I'm shutting the computer down for the night, that's when the sale ends.  So, if you've been on the fence, now's the time, there's no telling when we'll have another sale.

Have a Great Night!


I'm not going to make it to 8:30, I'm sunburned and tired... the code remains until tomorrow.

Goodnight, I'm whipped!

Update:  Monday Morning

The coupon code has expired, there is no longer a discount. 


  1. So glad you're taking time off and enjoying what life has to offer!! :)