Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Morning Custom

Good Morning,

It's that time of the day where I start working on tomorrow... Do we have anyone interested this morning?

 As a reminder, here are the rules of the "Custom Time" game.
  • Existing design only, no "create it from scratch" designs.  Ebony and Holly are not available.
  • The only information needed is a link to the sold or active stick, along with allowable changes which are wood type, gemstone / metal/metal flake inlays and length.  If it requires more information than what's listed above, it's considered a "create it from scratch" design.
  • Just one order, and the 1st to reply thru an ETSY conversation gets the custom.  
  • You are only eligible to win once in a 30 day time frame, and the custom order is non-transferable.
Update:  It's yours Morganaa


  1. Speaking of customs... mine arrived today.

    It's a flawless beauty! And you got that weapons-grade tip EXACTLY right. The shape is perfect -- it goes in effortlessly under the scalp hair and holds like a rock. I couldn't be happier!