Friday, October 2, 2015

A Little Past with the New

Good Evening,

So for any of you that have actually been following this blog, at last count I think it was a sum total of 6... but hey, I'm the consummate optimist, the glass is half full, I'm thinking I can only go one direction, or I may be Friday Night delusional.

Tonight was another mini reunion night at the Tavern, so for  those of you that have zero interest in our social life, this is the time to look for something else on the world-wide web.

First, Steve and Ann, you were missed.

Neil - You're my bud, sorry you're going thru the discomfort, I hope you feel better.
Karen - Welcome aboard, G.C.!
Deb and Keith - Glad to finally have the opportunity to chat a little.
Jody - You're the man, I have no earthly idea how to begin to comprehend the associated issues with the internal combustion engine.
Dave - We have much to discuss.
Sam - I'm going to tune in tomorrow, I had no clue, and I'm looking forward to hearing your voice.

And finally,

Gina... How in the world do you do what you do?  I get the whole recruiting thing, it's a stroke of genius!  Honestly, I have no clue how you pull off your magic.

OK, so if I missed anyone, I'm sorry.  In any event, we got home after our mini reunion and Erin asked if I could replace the metal part of the wine stopper I made years ago, back when we first started TT in 2006.  I've tucked the metal parts away somewhere in one of my shops, but this is what I did find, Erin now has a new wine bottle stopper!  Signed and dated sometime in 2007.... we just love our Friday Nights!

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Cool winestopper! You are a handy guy to have around!!
    Glad you had a fun night. Friend time always helps to recharge.
    Always love to see a blog post pop up!

  2. Friday Nights and Sundays are our favorite times of the week. Fridays are our way of rekindling friendships, and Sundays are the days we are allowed to give thanks for being so blessed.

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  4. Beautiful winestpper and heartwarming way of living ..... I personally love reading your little " non stick" stories

  5. For what it's worth I do follow your blog as well (and really enjoy reading your non-hair stick related posts) but I'm not on the mailing list any more simply because the e-mails usually came up to a day after the post was made and then I had already read it anyway.
    Maybe it's the same for other people and that's why you appear to have less followers?