Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Happy Place

I think I may have found a nice settling place for awhile. 

But first I want to thank each and every one of you that have sent me a note or two since my last posting.  I received some really good honest feedback, and your moral support was inspiring.  So again, thank you.

One of the many suggestions, actually made by 2 different ladies was for me to come up with a less expensive design like the old banded sticks that I made back in the very beginning before I had a laser.  I never really liked making them, not that they weren't nice, but moreover, I wasn't very good at the time.  Fortunately I've gotten a bit better at what I do over the years, and today they're easier to make in terms of abuse to my hands, they take less time make because I'm not interrupted with the laser time, thus at the end of the day we can sell them at a lower price point.  I think it's a win/ win.  The real bonus though is that they are just naturally pretty, more so than many of the engravings, at least in my opinion.  Plus, I've got a bazillion color combinations to choose from.

So I think I may have found my Happy Place for awhile.

Have a Great Day!

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