Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3rd Customs

Good Morning,

Hope everyone is doing well, Erin just reminded me that today is my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me.  We seem to be in a bit of a slump lately with slow sales and few custom orders.  While I'm certainly not a market analyst, I suspect it's due to Black Friday / Cyber Monday along with all of the other big box retailers trying to move their stuff.  Well, just like them, we need to move our stuff also, as we've got bills to pay just like everyone else.  So, I'm going to tweak the custom guidelines a bit.  Until further notice, I'm removing the 30 day time limit on customs, if I just finished a custom for you and you want another one, send me a note. 

Also, as it relates to current inventory, we'll be clearance pricing everything tomorrow around 1:00 PM. Similar in nature to a FNS without removing any inventory in the morning for price adjustments.

I have 3 open spots on the board if anyone would like to place a custom order.  The first 3 requests through ETSY conversations will get the custom orders.

As a reminder, here are the rules of the "Custom Time" game.

  • Existing design only, no "create it from scratch" designs.  Ebony is not available.
  • The only information needed is a link to the sold or active stick, along with allowable changes which are wood type, gemstone / metal/metal flake inlays and length.  If it requires more information than what's listed above, it's considered a "create it from scratch" design.
  • Just one order, and the first 3 to reply thru an ETSY conversation gets the custom.  


pepperonisam19, you've got the 1st spot!
Lauren, you've got the 2nd spot!
Shawnah, you've got the 3rd spot!

...and only because it's slow, Mariaasa, you've got the 4th spot!

The list is now closed.

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