Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Day / Friday Night Sale

It's getting to be that time again, things are slow so we're going to kick off the New Year right!
The next Friday Night Sale will be held on New Years day, January 1, 2016 beginning at 1:00 PM CST (US), 8:00 PM (CEST). We will de-activate all inventory Friday morning for price adjustment with an overall discount of approximately 20% - 25%. 
Good Luck! (Please check your own individual time zone to make sure the start time aligns with 1:00 PM Central Standard Time in the United States.)

PS... I've still got quite a few open spots on the board if anyone is interested.

Shajolley, you've got the 1st spot!
Terrimc36, you've got the 2nd spot!
Herrbstststurrrm, you've got the 3rd spot!
Eugene, you have the 4th spot!
Undineohm, you have the 5th and final spot(s)!

The custom list is now closed, however I will try to announce open spots on a more frequent basis. 

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