Monday, February 15, 2016

Polling Question

Good Morning,

We're 22 away from 5,000, and I've got yet another idea.  The original idea was not my own, and I fully intend to provide more details as we get closer to 5,000. 

I'm going to be making one stick to commemorate our 5,000th sale, and it will be posted on EBAY. (assuming of course that I can remember how to post something on EBAY).  It's going to be all of Timberstone Turnings in one stick.  I lost count of the numbers of inlays and individual pieces, and I'll have a final count once it's done, but the final number will exceed 100 pieces/parts.  It's going to be a monster to create, and will likely take me several days to bring it to life.  I'll post photos of it here in advance of posting on EBAY so you can get a sneak peak.

So my poll question is simply this, what length do I make it?

Please comment here as opposed to an ETSY conversation so everyone see's the same thing I'm seeing.  I'll probably start building it towards the end of the week.  Keep in mind that lengths are all over the board with requests ranging from 4" to 10", so please try to suggest a good "average size" to see if we can come up with a consensus.

Thanks, and I appreciate any input you may have.



I've spent the last couple of hours thinking (while working) about this stick and how in the world am I going to put it all together.  This led me to thinking through our process of posting sticks to Facebook and me wanting to mention the 5,000th stick.  We have both the Timberstone Turnings page, as well as the personal page.  As you know, Erin does all of the pictures and postings, and I attempt to post them to Facebook, in those instances when I actually remember to do so. 

In any event, it finally occurred to me that the vast majority of my Facebook personal "Friends" in all likelihood have absolutely no clue what they're looking at when I post a stick.  Since a picture tells a thousand words, I'm going to add a section to the blog with action shots, that I can somehow link to Facebook.  I know there are no shortage of your action shots floating around, and I won't copy and post them here without your specific permission.  So, if anyone is interested on being on the "Action Shot" section, please send me a pic thru ETSY, and if you have it handy, a link to the original posting.  Finally, if you want to be identified, and if so, which name do I use... in the absence of a full wall flow chart, I can't keep them all straight :)

Thanks to those that have already replied, it's sounding like 6.5" is the ticket for now. 


  1. 6.5 I think would hit most people midline. A bit long for me but still doable.

  2. That's always been one of my go-to lengths when making spec sticks.

  3. I had to give this some thought. Length is not really a deciding factor for me when it comes to my TTs; the more pretty that shows the better ;) I agree with Slynr. I think 6.5 would cover a lot of wearers.

  4. I'll agree with 6.5 inches. I, personally, try to stick around 6. 6.5 is doable. 7 and longer is generally a no-go.

  5. OK, I'll buck the trend. I'd vote for 6.25. I think that's the max for many members of the puny bun club without propeller-head, and the smallest that the mega buns can handle with a center-held.

  6. While I personally would want a 6", I do think a 6.5" is a better median. Sigh. I couldn't wear it though (puny bun club member here too! )