Monday, February 29, 2016

The Second Sneak Peak

Good Morning,

We're closing in. 

I'll be starting on the 5,000th ETSY stick shortly (the EBAY stick is napping).  This one you'll see here prior to it being posted on ETSY, along with the stick's details and price.  After number 99 is sold, the only question remaining is, when are we going to post it on ETSY.  Don't worry about that right now though, it's just a bothersome detail, I know you all have much better things to do with your time.  But hey, I'm a nice guy, I wouldn't dream of not telling you when the 24 hour window opens up, and I might even give you a few clues along the way, or not... again, it's a fluid plan.

The Certificate of Authentication

Kind of just makes you wonder what in the world I'm doing now doesn't it.

Have a great day!


  1. Better things to do, maybe. More enjoyable? Nope. The laundry will get done eventually :)