Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Easter.  Between Church (if you're so inclined), Easter Egg hunts and gathered family meals with loved ones, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday.

This past week Erin had a birthday, and I kind of blew it.  Ladies, here's a simple way to watch your significant other's mind kick into overdrive.  It's just one simple question,  and then you can sit back and watch the unraveling and self destruction, I'm sure it's comical on your end, while not so much on our side of the coin.

After all of the morning's discussion about yesterday and what's on tap for today, or whatever your particular morning routine is, just simply ask him one question towards the end of your morning ritual, and then grab the popcorn, because you're going to see a show. 

"So, don't you have something to say to me?"

In the short amount of time that it actually takes one to comprehend the question, the male species central nervous system has already dispatched the full panic message, that you've screwed something up.  Of course there's the always reliable "I'm Sorry", and when that clearly doesn't work, maybe she'll bite on a wholeheartedly felt "Thank You?".  Once your dude figures out that the only 2 coherent responses that he's capable of digging up aren't cutting it, that's when the real fun begins.

After whatever timeframe you feel is appropriate, and you've reduced him to nothing but a bundle of incoherent nerves, that's when you can tell him that today is your birthday.... oops.

So last Tuesday, Erin hit the big 60, and I blew it, sort of.  In all fairness, it was a non descript Tuesday morning after all, just like every other day.  The ace that I had up my sleeve however is that in my mind, Saturday night (last night) was her birthday, because that was when I had 2 weeks previously reserved a private room at our favorite up-scale restaurant for her surprise 60th birthday party, and I got her good.  She didn't see it coming, and we had a great time with close friends.

So the moral here is that yes, your significant other is probably a moron occasionally, we can't help it, it comes with the gender.  But at the end of the day, there may be more than what initially meets the eye, or not, we're an unpredictable lot.

Again, I hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday.



  1. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Erin!
    I'm sure orders will pick up after tax time ;)

  2. Doug,

    Thanks for sharing. I must admit I got quite a chuckle at your expense, but it was just because I experienced the same thing myself a few times. Wish Erin a Happy Birthday for me and give her lots of special attention, foot rubs, cuddles, and letting her see the guy she first fell in love with :)

  3. It all turned out good, but I was kind of like a dog with it's tail tucked between it's legs from Tuesday until Saturday. From the standpoint of the guy she first fell in love with, that ship has sailed. He (me) was actually somewhat successful, and had a decent memory. Today, I'm a self employed hairstick maker, need I say more?

  4. Don't worry Doug, I'm sure it's "fine". Of course you know what it means when women say fine...Hehe

  5. Oh ya, I know all too well the subtleties of "Nothing's Wrong".

  6. So glad it all worked out so well - happy b-day to Erin!! I think you're both lucky. Erin sounds like a terrific lady, and she's married to someone who placed a higher priority on following his dream and spending time with her than on workin' the old 9 to 5.