Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Reveal

Good Morning,

Well, today's the day you get to see it, and tomorrow it's off to EBAY.  Suffice it to say, I hope you like it. 

So the plan for  tomorrow is that we'll be posting it on EBAY around 5:00 PM (CST).  I understand that the start time is completely irrelevant to you, as it's a 1 week auction, so who cares what time we post it.   There is a reason however that it's relevant to us.

For those of you that have followed this little blog journey, you'll recall that our 2 favorite days of the week are Fridays and Sundays for Church.  For the past 8 months since my 40th reunion last summer, there has been a core group of us that have gotten together at our favorite watering hole, The Tavern at Mission Farms from 4:00 until 6:30ish, every single Friday, we all just clicked.  Today, Erin and I consider Neal, Steve, Deb and Keith to be as close as family, and we know the feelings are mutual.  My shop has become our clubhouse, and it's not unusual for any of them to just stop by anytime after 3:00 and out the door by 7:00, any day of the week, so I can go to bed.  I don't get cleaned up or change clothes, I just keep working, and they watch (I have seating set up in the main shop).  We drink beer, talk, laugh and most recently cry.  You see, two days ago, Neal's baby daughter Emily, 28 years old was diagnosed with, not one, but two strains of Leukemia.  The clubhouse and our "family" has been Neal's  respite of sorts, to some small degree in what can only be described as devastating news.  So, next Friday as usual we're going to be at the Tavern in our usual spot with Ipad in hand, and at 5:00 with our family, and then we'll know who's buying the drinks.  But back to Neal for a moment, I know you all don't know him or his family from Adam, but if you get a chance, say a little prayer for my good friend, Emily, and their family, because they need it.


So again, by the numbers:
Item                                                          Number
6.5"  Ebony Hairstick                                     1  (Correction - the stick actually measures 6.625")
Paua inlays                                                   18 - The underlayment below the engravings
Sterling Silver Inlays                                      6 - Thin bands bordering the abalone, and the top

Dominant Inlays                                             2 - The Abalone wide bands
Primary Inlays                                               40 - Different gemstone inlays on the diamonds
Secondary Inlays                                          426  - Mother of Pearl inlays in the numbers
Total Number of Components                  493

The final picture, the underside of the lid, lists all of the various components, basically in order from the top of the stick to the foot.  While difficult to achieve in these pictures, the owner should be able to identify each and every inlay, through process of elimination.  Several of the colors are close to the same, for example some of the greens.  There are subtle differences however, and upon closer inspection you will begin to see the differentiation.

I'm probably going to lay low for the next few days, as I have some serious catch up work to do.

Have a great day, and for those that might like to try, good luck!


  1. Oh good lord. That is a draw dropper. Bravo, Doug

  2. Wow. That stick is simply amazing.

  3. Incredibly beautiful! Truly a coronation of your talent, and the 5000 sales achievement!

    And my heart and prayers go to Emily and her family... ;( sad... May God help where medicine can't do enough...

  4. Stick is gorgeous. Will send positive thoughts to your friend and his family.