Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Introuducing Mr. Craig Arnold

Good Afternoon,

One more day until the unveiling, but first you need to see the 5K sticks sleeping quarters.  A little more on the details later, but first, meet my friend and woodworking mentor, Craig Arnold.

 "I offer select custom, traditional, and original designs of heirloom furniture, wall cabinets and galleries, and boxes.

Woodworkers who inspire my work are Paul Sellers, Peter Lloyd, Nancy Hiller, and Doug Stowe, to name a few.

As a member of the Kansas City Woodworkers' Guild, I'm privileged to work in a great shop with some very talented people and enjoy sharing with those who are new to the craft.

When you buy something from me, 10 percent of the purchase price is donated to the Kansas City Woodworkers' Guild as a way for the Guild to continue to provide education and community service in woodworking.

Thanks for stopping by and drop me a line if you'd like to discuss something you see here.

Best regards,
Craig Arnold"

Craig truly is my go-to guy with any questions on how do something in our given field.  Some of you may recall last year when we went down the barrette rabbit hole, I had to take a course in finishing, and Craig was my instructor.  I've come to accept the fact that fundamentally I'm a pretty poor woodworker, I just happen to be ok if the wood is spinning at 3,000 rpm.  As a disclaimer, the box is still in it's final curing stages and it has not been polished yet, it will be polished prior to it being shipped.

Constructed from Bubinga and Curly Maple, the lid and it's underside are inlaid with turquoise.

The interior of the box features a fitted, foam cushioned, turquoise felt bed.

The exterior of the box features clean and sharp curves and bevels, while the box lid with the curly maple inset, showcases precisely chamfered edges.

As mentioned in a prior posting, you can see that Craig's work is truly outstanding.  I highly recommend Craig if you should have any wooden type wants or needs, he's great to work with and you won't be disappointed

Have a great evening, we'll chat again in the morning.


  1. How does one go about contacting Craig?

  2. You can send him a note thru his ETSY shop, the link is right below his picture.