Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Guinea Pig

That Shawnah is one quick shopper!  34.9 seconds, she must have turbo-refresh or something.

OK, step one is completed.  Now, if I only had a clue how to put the Commemorative stick on EBAY.  Enter, the Guinea Pig.

I'm working on an angel wing white paua right now, that would ordinarily be posted on ETSY at $125.  I need to figure this EBAY stuff out, and if there's an issue of any sort, I'd rather know about it now than on Friday.  So... you guessed it... it's going on EBAY to test the waters.

From a pricing standpoint, the fact is, we've never not sold a stick, with a worst  case pricing  scenario being,  selling it through a Friday Night sale.  So, for  this EBAY listing, I'm setting the reserve at 80% of retail, or in other words, going in to it with Friday Night Sale pricing.  It seems to make sense to me, but who knows, we're entering uncharted waters for us, so we'll see how it goes.

I'll post a link here once it's posted.



  1. Whoooo Hooooo!! I'm so excited! Thank you for this beauty. I'm excited to see the terminator of TT sticks next :)

  2. Shawnah is slick--just a side note, you can put any items on ebay for 'buy it now' sales rather than auction. That way you aren't losing any money on auctions. Your items will sell just as fast on ebay as on etsy. :) My prayers are going out to Emily, who was diagnosed with 2 form of leukemia. <3