Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ETSY 5,000th stick

Good Morning,

So here's the plan for today.

I'm guessing I'm still a couple of hours out before it's finished.  Once Erin is finished with her magic, I'll post photos on this posting.  I've spent the last day trying to figure out when to post it on ETSY, and I've got to tell you, I had all kinds of diabolical plans. 

At the end of the day though, I've finally concluded that if it ain't broke, I'm not going to try to fix it.  We'll post it in the regular FNS timeslot (1:00 PM CST).  Regarding the price, as irony would have it, it's the same price as Sammi's stick, and the reserve price on the commemorative stick, $195. 

... stay tuned.

OK, here it about 11:30 now, and I just finished it, with a whole hour and a half to spare.

I'll be honest, this entire exercise has been exhausting, and we'll be glad when things return to normal.  It was exhausting, but fortunately a fun adventure, because so many elements had to come together.  I should be getting the finished box back from Craig tomorrow sometime.  Once in hand, it will be photographed and posted here, along with all you need to know about Craig.  We're tentatively planning on posting the actual stick here on Thursday, with the EBAY games beginning on Friday... and then we rest.

One of the challenges that I had, hearkens back to Cipriana's comment on the 19th.  She in essence asked if multiples of the Commemorative stick could be produced.  My answer then, was no,  as it is today, it was simply too complicated, and I don't choose to relive the experience.  That didn't mean that her question wasn't entirely valid, it's just undoable on my end. 

So my challenge was to create a design similar in nature to the Commemorative original, that could be reproduced if anyone so desired in terms of a custom request.  The stick that we're posting at 1:00, is the stick that I'm describing.  I also understand the concern for whomever might purchase it, desiring to own the actual and true 5,000th stick. 

So here is how I'm proposing to ensure that the 5,000th stick will be identified as the original.  The stick is signed and dated February 28th, the day I created the design, obviously not today when I finished it.  Going forward if anyone would like a reproduction, it will be dated the date that their stick is completed, and numbered in sequence 001, 002, etc.

See you in an hour and 10 minutes.

African Blackwood, 6.75"
Natural and Teal Paua
Silver and gold e.p.e.
Timberstone Turnings on top band
Signature and date on bottom band
Sammi's 5,000 repeating crosshatch design


34.9 seconds... you all are quick!

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