Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Evening Update

Good Evening,

Thank you Darkhorse, I messed up the international shipping on the commemorative stick.  I did the same on the test stick that was previously listed, so at least I'm consistent.  It took an hour on the phone with an EBAY rep that walked me through getting it corrected.  I wanted to hug the guy afterwards, and I even told him so.  He was extremely patient with what had to be a very painful conversation on his end dealing with a moron like me.

As you might imagine, we kind of want our international customers involved if they so wish, I just had it set up as U.S. only... hey, I'm new to this EBAY stuff.  I did move it up to 5 days, as we were already down 2 on the 7 day listing.

Sorry, have a good night.

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