Sunday, June 28, 2015

Custom Time

OK, it's that time... who's up for a custom?

As a reminder, here are the rules of the "Custom Time" game.
  • Existing design only, no "create it from scratch" designs.  Ebony and Holly are not available.
  • The only information needed is a link to the sold or active stick, along with allowable changes which are wood type, gemstone / metal/metal flake inlays and length.  If it requires more information than what's listed above, it's considered a "create it from scratch" design.
  • Just one order, and the 1st to reply gets the custom.  Once the custom is acknowledged I'll ask that you send me a note through ETSY to confirm the details.
  • You are only eligible to win once in a 30 day time frame, and the custom order is non-transferable.
  • Custom Time winners have 1 week to claim their custom order, after which the offer expires and you are once again eligible to participate in future offerings.
  • For the purposes of responding to the Custom Time announcement, we will accept an email through ETSY as opposed to a blog entry only.  The first time stamp through the blog or ETSY wins the custom... you're just going to have to trust me on this one.
Have a great day!

... and here we were yesterday at our favorite restaurant, BRGR in Corinth if anyone local wants a good burger.


  1. And the winner is Moonfool through ETSY, time stamp - 12:36

  2. Congratulations Moonfool! Hope everyone is enjoying their day.

  3. Lookie lookie, moonfool! Congratulations:) Now...I wonder what will be picked? Will it involved stars and Pinecone and resin???????:)