Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22 - Lineup

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and thank you for your input on the "Custom Time" game.

So here's what I've got on the bench so far:

Tiger Stripe Maple, Stars design, deep blue fwp's / mixed leaf

Maple, rose topper, deep purple/maroon fwp's

New Design - Tiger Stripe Maple, full body pinecone cast in deep purple / deep blue and silver resin (all colors in pearlessence).  Mixed leaf star design.

Have a great day!

... and a quick little action shot I call Ribbons.  This is the beginning roughing stages on the new design.  In flight, these beautiful multicolored ribbons maybe 1/1000" thin fly about 2 feet in the air when I'm turning it.  I know it's difficult to see them coming off the lathe but you can see them on the floor.  Oh, and welcome to one of my shops!


  1. Love the 'work in progress' pic. Very cool to see where TT treasures are created

  2. I've always wondered where the magic happens!

  3. I've always wondered where the magic happens!

  4. Oh goodness, I would love to play around in that shop :) Though I imagine that'd get me chased out with a decent-sized piece of timber. XD

  5. Have to say I Loooove that resin and star stick from today. Would it be possible to mimic the top on the bottom?? Gorgeous! Hope to see more of those:)

  6. I was thinking the same thing Slynr! What a fantastic stick that was, even without the mincing.

    I love the shop photo! How wonderful it is to see the master at the controls.

  7. At this point I can't, or at least haven't figured out how to do it truly full bodied. That little piece of maple at the bottom of the stick, which in it's finished form is the foot, is all that's holding the stick in the lathe when I'm turning and finishing it. So, yes, I can make it full bodied but have no way of holding it in the lathe. It's a problem I've been pondering for quite some time actually.

  8. Love that you shared an " inside" photo!!! So this is where dreams come true.....

    I guess that in order to bring the design to the very end, one would just need to do it as usual on the lathe, then slice off the " handle " and finish by hand... What do I know.....

  9. That makes sense, Doug. Easy to visualize from esthetic view but doesn't take into account practicality of actually crafting. Good to know:)