Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday Night

Good Evening,

I had a very nice conversation today with a customer and she brought up an issue that I was completely unaware of.  So thank you for the note, and we're going to get this issue resolved right now. 

I was under the impression that anyone could post on this blog, I didn't know that there were any hoops you had to jump through, or you may simply not be comfortable posting.  In her instance, I don't think she was opposed to doing anything but it was just simply a hassle, and I'm not in to anything that resembles a hassle.  Her concern revolved around "Custom Time", as she wants to participate but doesn't want the hassle, and I understand. 

So, going forward if you would like to participate in the wildly fabulous "Custom Time" game but are unable to, or simply don't want to post on the blog, we'll accept an ETSY conversation in lieu of a post on the blog when "Custom Time" is announced.  Everything is time stamped, so the only caveat that I need to throw in is that you'll just have to trust me in terms of the time stamp.

Going forward if you see anything, or have any ideas of how to make this whole blog thing work better, please send me a note.  Short of an extended custom list, I'm open to just about anything that makes sense.

Thanks, and have a great night!

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