Saturday, June 20, 2015

Poll Question

Good Afternoon,

Congrats to Christine, the winner of today's "Custom Time" game. 

Let me ask a question. I see that the "Custom Time" game is beginning to pick up some speed, which is a good thing. In an effort to be fair, do you think we should put a limit of some sort, i.e. you can only win once every "X" number of days, or weeks for that matter.   I want it to be fun and fair, so what do you think?

Also, just an FYI, I'm starting to organize the new and fabulously wonderful game of "Guess the number of woods".  I'll announce it in the next day or so, and the winner will get to chose between 1 of 2 incredible TT offerings.  (OK, I'll admit they're probably not really that incredible or fabulous for that matter, but I like incorporating the words whenever I can, they make me happy).

Have a great evening and thanks for your input.

Oh, and here's a picture from last night.  Ivy loves laying in the shop mess and this is the thanks she gets.


  1. I'm cool with a limit that allows fair opportunity for all :)

  2. A limit might be good. Also, that starry pinecone was wonderful!

  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out, Doug! :D
    I agree with sagon069. A fair limit sounds right in my opinion.
    And I just have to say, Ivy is killing me with her cuteness!!

  4. I think a limit would be fair. Maybe I have a chance when all the fast ones are within their limit :P

  5. I'm looking forward to the next custom stick! i'm game for however you want to play it. I know that even if I *could* win back to back customs, I probably wouldn't, at least not very often due to expense and giving my wallet time to recover. I do think more rules equal more work for you guys. It might be easy now to know who has won within the last X amount of time, but I can see tracking that getting challenging in a few months, especially if you keep this time table. Maybe vary your posting times and or don't announce some and announce others. Truthfully, I don't know the answer. But more than anything I want this to be a easy and fun for you and the D.O.E.E. Because I want you to keep doing it. <3

  6. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them all. I found a new "gadget", over on the right for "Custom Time" winners. Sarah, you're correct, managing a custom list can be nightmarish at times, thus the reason a 1 year old custom list will never happen again. It's pretty easy to manage. Now, all we have to do is determine what the correct "X" amount of time should be before you're re-eligible. For the record, it makes no difference to me, so whatever timeframe you all feel is fair, then we will make it so.

    Just an FYI for today, Sundays are generally my one "play day" for the week so don't expect to see much today.

    Oh, and by the way Sarah, yesterday's "Custom Time" 5 hour pre-announcement was because it was Saturday. I want the 1st day of the weekend to be easy and non-stressful for everyone. I can't necessarily say the same will hold true throughout the week however, I want to keep you on your toes!

    Have a Great Sunday everyone.

  7. Hmm. I've tried to comment twice now. And it's not showing up for me. Sorry if this end up repeated.

    I think X = one month is a good marker. If that ends up being to long (or too short) than you can change it in your widget, right? One potential tt a month should tide over even the most ravenous tt connoisseur, no?

  8. Just testing to see if my comment shows up.

  9. I think not announcing the custom time and varying the post time should also help those with a tighter schedule catch a custom.

  10. Maybe 1 custom per month and varied list times would give the most people a shot at a custom.

  11. Good job ladies, I think we're getting there! I like all of the suggestions. I'm leaning towards 1 time a month, I think that's fair. So, if your name is in the upper right hand corner as a "Custom Time" winner, you're ineligible for 30 days and then eligible again when I change your status, sound good?

    Actually I was planning on varying the times once I was more confident that the game would work, and I think it is. I'm generally up and in the shop by 4:00 AM, and usually start shutting down around 6:00 PM. Is everybody good with that 14 hour window?

    Thanks again

  12. Ah, little Ivy is so adorable! She probably likes both getting dirty and getting clean /)
    ( I miss my dog:( )

    Whatever you guys find to work out best for you is fine with me, if I won the custom time I wouldn't even know which one of my 300 favourite tts to choose..... But a lot,it would be good, at least after all the fast ones have won the rest of us could have a chance too....

  13. One other thing, I saw the discussion today about being able to gift someone a custom that they catch. I see both sides, but on this one I'm going to be selfish and fall on the no gifting side. Only because I'm old and easily confused, I don't want to go through the brain damage of who's custom goes to whom?