Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today's Game Plan

Good Morning,

So late yesterday afternoon I put up a post for a couple of hours, and then deleted it when I was closing the shop.  I basically said that I was lining up todays offering and asked if anyone had any suggestions.  There were no takers.  Honestly I didn't really expect any given that this blog is now 3 whole days old.  So, if there's an existing design that you'd like to see (no ebony), be the 1st to chime in after I pose the question later this afternoon, and you've got yourself a custom.

Today's plan:

Blackwood Seashell lover / turquoise fwp's w/silver leaf border

Honduras Rosewood Seashell lover / abalone w/gold leaf borders

Spalted Holly Butterfly & Dahlia / purple fwp's w/amethyst borders

Ebony w/pink paua insets and gold leaf border  (yes, I said ebony and "no ebony" above... sorry, I'll explain it later, there's a story here)

Have a Great Day!