Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday - I need a little help

Good Morning,

Well, I find myself in a bit of a quandary this morning, as happens on occasion.  Unlike the past where I'd mull over this specific problem, sometimes for days, and then ultimately just take a stab at it and hope.  That was then, but this is now and it just occurred to me that I have a blog, so why sweat it, just ask the question.

So here's the deal.  I spent the better part of the day yesterday just building pinecone sticks, 4 in total, one sold, one is in inventory, and I have 2 on the bench that I can basically go in any direction. 

Here's the one currently in inventory:

The quandary comes into the equation because I have 2 virtually identical to the one in inventory, and if the current one isn't selling, why make more.  So here are the 2 that are on the bench.

The one on top is Honduras Rosewood cast in green, purple and gold (I know it doesn't look like it in the picture, but it is).  The 2nd is Lignum Vitae cast in green and gold.  The total finished length will be 6 1/2(ish).  Both are ready for (and must have) a paua or other type if inset on the top.  The borders are obviously engraved and can't be changed, but I can do anything with the body of the stick in terms of additional engraving... such as stars, or whatever.  In fact, if anyone is interested in claiming either one as a custom, you're welcome to it.  In so doing, you get to pick the design, inlay and paua or other top.

So what do you think, any suggestions?

The lineup for the day is obviously these 2, and since the one in inventory didn't sell overnight, I had to tack in a different direction... so, another new design, it's going to be pretty cool if I can pull it off.

Have a great day and thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Update - Lignum Vitae - Reserved - Willowyn
             - Honduras Rosewood - Reserved - Christine


  1. I didn't purchase the one in inventory because of bias against the wood and color. The bottom one in your photo is much more my speed. Frankly, I'm feeling blessed that you are on a purple kick, because I dislike purple in my hair for purply stupid illogical reasons. But it saves my wallet. I also have a green pinecone resin stick already, that I absolutely ADORE. I don't think the fault is the style or the stick itself. I find them both beautiful and I would love to look at them.

    Please don't stop making purple. Just because I'm strange and like blues and greens more in my hair. I know there are LOT of ladies on the boards who horde purple.


  2. I like them all... but I can't have them all :) Looking forward to seeing what Willowyn and Christine have put together. Both have excellent taste

  3. For whatever it's worth, I absolutely love the look of the purple stick that's still sitting in inventory and it almost breaks my heart that I can't buy it... but unfortunately the tip is too rounded and blunt to work for me. I've learned from experience that my sticks need to be good and pointy in order to hold an updo, and the shape of this one is such that it couldn't pick up enough scalp hair to sit securely in my bun.

    This is the ONLY reason I haven't snapped up that stick. Purpleheart, pinecones, gold leaf? Exactly up my street. I'm quite gutted that the tip shape couldn't possibly work for me!

  4. Hi Everyone, thanks for the comments. Raphaela, I just went upstairs and looked at it, I'm pretty sure I could modify the tip to what some might consider "weapons grade" if you like.

  5. That's a very kind offer, Doug, but I'm not sure there's enough space after the end of the gold leaf border to create a long enough taper for what I need. It isn't just weapons-grade pointiness I need, it's a slow taper from the widest part of the shaft. If that distance is too short the tip won't stay in contact with my scalp for long enough to pick up enough hair. If you modified this one it MIGHT work for me... and it might not. I think it might be safer to leave it as-is and let it go to someone who can use it unaltered. But thanks very much for offering!

  6. I kind of agree with Quasi. I like the wood by its self, but I don't like it with gold. In fact, I will very rarely buy anything gold (or yellow or turquoise). I'm hoping to participate in one of your games to get the perfect stick. And I like the in progress shots. I've always wondered about that.