Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17 Agenda

Good Morning,

Interesting times politically speaking... anyone see Jeb "slow jam" last night on Jimmy?  He did good I thought,  although you could tell he was ready to crack up at any point... and I don't blame him, Jimmy's GREAT.  And now we have "The Donald", for political junkies like Erin and I,  this is going to be a very entertaining political season.

So Sagon won the custom yesterday and that means I'm off to the wood store in a little while, we're long overdue.  Sadly it's a destination, not just a short hop over to Home Depot, so I'm going to be "out of pocket" for the next several hours.   I ran out of Tiger Stripe maple about a week ago so it's time to re-stock, and see what other kinds of goodies I can find.  I mentioned to Sagon yesterday in our ETSY message that I'm having fun with this blog and that I have all kinds of goofy things planned.  I think the 1st will be a contest to guess how many wood types we have, and I'll prove it with photos of our wood storage area.  Yes, there will be a winner along with a prize, so no guessing now, wait until I announce it.  If you're planning on cruising the sold section, the qualifier is how many woods do we have today, not over the past 6 years.

I finished the pink paua already, and Erin just told me it sold.  I'm about 1 hour out on the Honduras seashell and then I'm off wood shopping.  After that it's a few hours of cutting the wood I purchased, so the seashell may be it for the day... other than Sagon's of course.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Oh I like this blog. I can't wait to see her custom stick. I had that one favorited as well. Excellent choice.

  2. Great minds think alike, Sarah :)