Sunday, June 14, 2015

New TT Blog

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Timberstone Turnings blog.  I want to thank our good friend Melissa ( ) as she has been an invaluable mentor for us over the years in the ways of long hair accessories, and now in urging us to create a blog.   Admittedly it would have been easier (especially for her) if she would have simply driven cross country and set the blog up for us, but given that she owns a rather popular shop, along with a job, a spouse, and a life, she apparently didn't have the time :)  So, thank you Mel, we love you.

Like I mentioned over on the right, I'm hoping that this blog will serve as an unfiltered forum where we can share ideas and I can answer questions where everyone sees the answer (as opposed to an ETSY conversation where only 1 person sees the answer).  In the future I plan on introducing photos of the various shop areas that we have, maybe share an occasional silly "Ivy" video, provide links to available woods, gemstones and designs, and finally, manage the custom list from here.  We have a lot of options, so check in occasionally to see what's up at TT.

Thanks again for visiting, we look forward to talking.

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