Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Action shot

Here you go Michelle, thought you might like to see your stick turned about half way through.  Fuzzy picture I know, but trust me, the colors are intense.

I also realized as I dug deeper into her order that I have inadvertently misled everyone on the "Cones and Roses" game. 

Remember a few days back when I said I had a breakthrough, well, I did.  That day (after spending 3 hours on the Harley) I successfully created a new system for casting pinecones.  While it had taken a few days to iron out the bugs, it was on this day that I roughed out and built 9 pinecone sticks ready to be cast, in less time than it had previously taken for me to make 2.  That's HUGE in my world.

The catch, as I discovered on Michelle's order and as I've explained to her, is that in this current batch of 9, none of them have a wooden top portion, it's all resin.  It can be engraved and inlaid as usual, but just no wooden top.  I told Michelle that if she wants it as is, great.  If not it will go into general inventory, and I'll re-make hers tomorrow, it's no trouble at all.

So, going forward, please help me out on this specific point, because it's easy for me to miss.  Just simply point out, in addition to all the other stuff that the stick "does" have a wooden top and I can make it accordingly.

Thanks, sorry if there was any confusion. 


  1. The colours do look very lush!

    Is the tip end held in a chuck or are you turning between centres?

  2. Oh this works for me - it's beautiful. I love that the colors and the resin goes all the way to the top.

  3. yes... is that ambiguous enough? I have probably 8-10 different chucking methods, of which only one you can purchase in a store. The rest of them I've designed and built myself out of necessity.

  4. Wow those colors are really intense!