Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday's Lineup

Good Morning,

Rough night last night, fortunately we fared much better than others in our city.  With quite literally all of the machines unplugged, out of fear of lightning, TT shut down early. 

That, combined with the fact that for the first time in years I slept in until 7:00 AM today means only one thing, I'm way behind schedule.

I'll update this post later with the schedule.

Have a Great Day!


Noon Update:

While it's a bit blurry for you, I can now say that I'm organized, or at least for now as organized as it's going to get.  When I say you're "on the board", this is what I mean.  Quick math tells me, (and you) that there are only 6 lines on the board and they are all full.  How does that relate to the games we play?  As each line description gets erased, and the custom order is completed, we play!  Here's a little secret, I like it when the board is full. 

There's that, plus I found another little time saver, because now I don't have to (2 finger) type it.

Have a Great Afternoon!


Update: 2:00

Another benefit of showing you the board is so that you can double check me, as Christine just did.  She had switched to rosewood and I didn't catch the change.  So please, send me a note if I've got anything wrong.

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