Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday's Lineup

Good Morning,

Here's what's lined up on the bench for today:

  • Susan Haylet - Paua Seashell, resuming work
  • Powertreats - custom tbd, will resume design convo's today
  • Michelle Zarinelli - Pinecone, cast about 15 minutes ago
  • Miss X - Rose - Will be cast today
  • Christine - Pinecone - Will be cast today
I tried starting the database just to learn that the software I have is too old... on to plan "B", whatever the heck that is, I guess I need to do some homework.

I'm thinking that there may be a game today,  hmmm, I'm not quite sure yet which game we're going to play, I guess we'll all be surprised with the "game of the day".  I can however tell you which game it's not going to be, "Surprise Custom",  I've got to get my head around this database issue first.

Have a Great Day!



Good Afternoon

It occurs to me that we might inadvertently create some confusion when posting reserved sticks for sale.  The order in which I have the custom orders organized is first in, first out.  While this is the chronological order, it does not necessarily mean that someone below you might have their stick finished before yours.  Each stick is a multi-stage process, and it's a function of these various stages that determines when a stick will be finished.  So no, I'm not playing favorites, the stages just are what they are, so don't worry, your stick is being worked on.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I've created a new system whereby I can inset virtually any color of resin in the top of the stick without the wide circular border, more seamless if you will. 

An example might be a purple, blue and green resin, but since you're really more of a purple kind of person you want a purple inset as opposed to paua, or the already established stick colors.  It's just another design option for you.

Finally, there is no requirement on the "Cones & Roses" game that if a "Cone" picture is shown, that pinecones are actually in the mix.  Let's face it, some of these color combinations are pretty dialed in all on their own.  Again, just another option.

Have a Great Afternoon!


  1. About the surprise custom game -- do people HAVE to have all three aliases to be eligible? I don't post on the forum threads because I don't have time to follow them, and I can't really comment much here either for the same reason. Does that mean I'd automatically be out of the running for this game?

  2. Great Question!

    No, not at all. The purpose of me gathering everyone's aliases is so that I can connect the 3 dots, 2 dots, or 1 dot, and ultimately figure out who you are. I need to have an organized list where I can cross reference names in order to select a "Surprise Custom" winner. This is why I'm planning to build a database, not a spreadsheet, because I'm running out of sticky notes and patience, trying to keep it all straight.

    For you to be eligible, I must be able to pick your name from the list. This I can assure you, if you're not on the list in some capacity, your name will not be picked.

    Hope this makes sense.

  3. Great answer! Thanks, I'll drop Erin a note on Etsy.

  4. A follow up note.

    I would ask that if you have sent us your name, you are in essence saying "Yes, I would like to place a custom order, and I have the ability to pay for it when it's completed". On this game, I'm sorry, but we really don't want to wait for your next paycheck. You should have ample time to transfer funds between winning the game and the stick being completed.

    If this isn't acceptable for whatever reason, please send me a note and I'll remove your name from the list.

    I apologize if this comes across as "grumpy", "over-reactive" or any other number of ways one could describe me, but I just want to make sure that we're all on the same page.

  5. Makes eminent sense to me. :)