Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cones & Roses

Who Wants to Play?
  • Full body stars or other engraving, or no engraving,
  • Tiger Stripe Maple only
  • Gemstone  / Leaf inlay of your choosing
  • Resin Colors - up to a maximum of a 3 color pour
  • Engraved and inlaid Paua or other topper choice if you choose
  • Please provide the overall length desired

  • Prices:

    Non-Engraved - $105
    Non-Engraved with 1 gemstone inlay on the foot - $125
    Engraved and inlaid, no  engraved top - $135
    Engraved and inlaid with engraved top - $160


    1. Hi, I'd like to play again ;-)

    2. So, check it out... Miss X is now on the board again, position numbers 2 and 6, this game is now concluded, thanks for playing Miss X.

    3. Thought I better clarify before someone's feathers get ruffled. Yes you can play Cones & Roses as often as you like. If you think about it, there's no difference between playing the game and stalking the shop, where you can buy anything as often as you like.

      In my mind, there is a difference however between "Cones & Roses" and the other 2 custom games. I was going to make the pinecone stick anyway, so I might as well make it the way someone wants, vs. me just taking a stab at it.

      Hope this makes sense.