Monday, July 6, 2015

Cones & Roses

Who Wants to Play?

  •  Full body stars or no engraving, paua or other engraved  top optional
  • Wood choices are African Blackwood, Honduras Rosewood or Tiger Stripe Maple
  • Gemstone  / Leaf inlay of your choosing
  • Resin Colors - up to a maximum of a 3 color pour
  • Paua or other topper choice if applicable
  • Please provide the overall length desired

  • Prices:

    Non-Engraved - $105
    Non-Engraved with 1 gemstone inlay on the foot - $125
    Engraved and inlaid, no  engraved top - $135
    Engraved and inlaid with engraved top - $160

    The first 2 win today's "Cones & Roses" game.

    • Reserved - Morganaa
    • Reserved - Annaleah
    Today's game is closed.

    Great, we're under a tornado warning right now.

    Hunkered down... it's bad!


    1. I'm wondering, for future games, what colors of resin do you have available? I'm curious what one of these in warm colors would be like. I'm picturing fire!

    2. Congrats Morganaa and Annaleah, send me a note Annaleah.

      Thanks for playing, today's game is closed

    3. I have virtually every color, and for those that I don't have, I mix my own combination to achieve the color I want. I used a color wheel for about the first 3 years, now it's just 2nd nature.

    4. Hope you came safely through the storm!