Friday, July 10, 2015

Custom Time

Good Afternoon,

It's that time again... who's up for a custom?

As a reminder, here are the rules of the "Custom Time" game.
  • Existing design only, no "create it from scratch" designs.  Ebony and Holly are not available.
  • The only information needed is a link to the sold or active stick, along with allowable changes which are wood type, gemstone / metal/metal flake inlays and length.  If it requires more information than what's listed above, it's considered a "create it from scratch" design.
  • Just one order, and the 1st to reply gets the custom.  Once the custom is acknowledged I'll ask that you send me a note through ETSY to confirm the details.
  • You are only eligible to win once in a 30 day time frame, and the custom order is non-transferable.
  • Custom Time winners have 1 week to claim their custom order, after which the offer expires and you are once again eligible to participate in future offerings.
  • For the purposes of responding to the Custom Time announcement, we will accept an email through ETSY as opposed to a blog entry only.  The first time stamp through the blog or ETSY wins the custom... you're just going to have to trust me on this one.
Have a great day!


  1. Meh, too late. That's what I get for having to work and not being able to stalk the Internet!

  2. ... and the winner is Kat, it was close, 2nd place was 3 minutes late to the party. Thanks for playing Kat, send me a note!

  3. I'm going thru too much brain damage whenever I post a "Custom Time" announcement, so I'm fixing the problem. The blog timestamp and ETSY timestamp are completely different and I always have to convert it. Great use of my time, don't you think?

    Going forward, the winner will be the first email I receive in ETSY, so go ahead and type up the convo now and be ready to hit "send".

    Have a Great Afternoon!

  4. much easier to respond to the blog directly:(

    1. Ditto... I really feel that having to use two separate websites to participate makes this game more effort than it's worth for me. It's hard enough for me to find the time to keep refreshing the blog page (or check my rss reader) often enough. I don't need this extra hoop to jump through... I expect I'll just sit tight and hope I get lucky in the surprise custom game someday.

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