Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pinecones or Roses

OK,  I've got a new game and I think you're going to dig it... or at least I hope you're going to dig it.

It's a takeoff on the wildly popular internet gaming sensation, the "Who Want's It" game.

In the posting I am going to include a picture of either a pinecone or a rose, the 2 primary things that I've been casting recently.  In addition to either of these 2 botanical items, there will be a picture of the design that's going to be engraved, (it's non-negotiable).

This leaves a few decisions to be made, and you get to make those decisions, they are:

  • Wood choice
  • Gemstone choice
  • Resin Colors - up to a maximum of a 3 color pour
  • Paua choice if applicable
  • Length.

In essence, what I'm doing is giving you a heads up that I'll be casting something in the next couple of hours, and this is how I intend to engrave it.  So instead of me guessing on the multitude of choices that I have, someone, just tell me what to make.  Lord knows, I don't need the practice, and that's exactly what it is when I guess wrong. 

A final request, please keep it simple, challenges slow me down.   I don't mean to be rude, but if the ETSY convo's seem a bit abbreviated on my side on this game, I'm sorry in advance.  It's not that I don't love to chat, this blog is proof of that, but they're time killers, and I have to be able to blow and go on this game.

This isn't the actual game, just the announcement.  I'll probably be casting again within the next day or so.


$10 additional above the normal price.  So, a $125 stick would be $135.  I hear it already, but the bottom line is that customization in this game isn't free, sorry.

Have a Great Afternoon!


  1. Woo hoo! I love your games, my internet is out and I live in one of the few left of nowheres that don't have cell signal. So I look forward to seeing this progress on my trips to town :)