Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surprise Custom

Good Morning,

I'm looking for Browncurtz23... send me a note please.

The board is full now, I probably won't be announcing any new customs for a day or two. 

Have a great day!


  1. What does Surprise Custom mean?

  2. Hi KathW, good question.

    We have 2 different games as they relate to custom orders. One is "Custom Time", and that is when I announce that I can accept a custom order. Generally the 1st (sometimes the 1st and 2nd) to respond thru an ETSY conversation get to place a custom order based on an existing design.

    The second is "Surprise Custom". In this scenario, I select and reach out to a customer through the blog and ask that they send me a note thru ETSY. In essence I am "Surprising" someone who has indicated that they want to participate. In order to participate, we must have some basic information on our customers that we maintain on a confidential list. The information that we need is your ETSY name, Forum name if applicable, the country you live in along with your real name. Given the number of aliases that some folks have, we need to keep it all straight. The country is simply for me to be cognizant of your time zone when I announce... there's no point in announcing your name if you're asleep :)

    If you'd like to participate in the "Surprise" game, simply send Erin a note so we can log your information, and then you're eligible. Hope this helps.