Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Who Wants It

Here we go, the 1st "Who Wants It" game.

  • Total Length - Max 6.25"
  • Blackwood Base
  • Resin throughout, no visible wood on the top
  • Inset top of your choosing is optional
  • Resin colors - blue, purple and green
So here you go ladies, let the creative juices start flowing, sorry it's a bit fuzzy.


I'm such a dork... like I said yesterday, I usually and eventually get there.  Here's a handy bit of information that I failed to provide... the price.

  • Full Body Pinecone, engraved and inlaid - $125
  • Full Body Pinecone with Paua top, engraved and inlaid - $150
Sorry about that.


  1. I would take that if you would cover it with gold stars:)

  2. Looks like we've got a taker. Send me a note and we can nail down the details. Thanks!

  3. Thank you Christine. Can't wait to see how it turns out:)

  4. I'm gonna have to start waking up earlier, haha

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  7. GREAT! Water backing up in the basement floor drain, 10 feet from my shop! Instead of taking a shower, which I was quite looking forward to, felt it more prudent to summon Roto -Rooter.

    Didn't see this one coming.

    1. Oh no! It has been raining daily here as well. It's crazy. Hope it's a fairly simple fix. My dad said often "there's always a fly in the ointment":)

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    3. Sorry..that was a double post removed above:)

  8. Thanks Diva, there's the down payment for the floor drain. You missed Erin by 10 minutes, so I guess the downside to saving 40% is that you get 1 day instead of same day shipping. Truth be known, she wasn't wild about my idea to begin with, and I'm not afraid to admit it, but I don't have the backbone to call her and ask her to turn around.